How is beer from Grodzisk made?

The Brewery

Grodzisk Wielkopolski is a unique town in the world, as it is the birthplace of Grodziskie, a singular beer style by global standards. In its heyday, Grodzisk Wielkopolski was referred to as the capital of Polish brewing, as it hosted ten operational breweries.

The brewery located on UlicaPoznańska was established in 1880 as the “successor” to centuries of beer-making tradition in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. In 1993, after over a hundred tumultuous years of Polish history, the last operating brewery in the town was closed, bringing an end to the legendary beer.

For years, the brewery was deserted, falling into ruin. It seemed like its glory days had been consigned to history.

However, after 20 years the brewery attracted new owners: people passionate about beer, seasoned entrepreneurs with the ambition of reactivating the legend in the place where it was born.

We hope that the efforts dedicated to the restoration of the Grodzisk Wielkopolski brewery and to re-establishing this legendary beer will be appreciated by fans of the style, as well as those who never had the opportunity to taste the original beer from Grodzisk.

Historical photos from the collection of the "Grodzisk Moje Miasto" organisation.