How is beer from Grodzisk made?

with pleasure!

The proper serving and tasting of Piwo z Grodziska is a genuine ritual, and is a prerequisite for lasting satisfaction from the flavour of this legendary style.

An ideally served Grodzisk beer should be clear, have bubbles like champagne and be topped with a thick, creamy head

  • Cool the beer in an upright position to a temperature of 3-5°C as indicated on the label. Ideally, the beer should be kept in a fridge long enough for the natural yeast sediment to settle.
  • Choose the right glass, preferably the characteristic Grodzisk stemmed glass, and rinse it with cold water.
  • As the beer is famous for its natural and significant carbonation, open the bottle gently and pour the liquid slowly into an angled glass to ¾ of its volume and let the characteristic white head grow. Leave the yeast sediment in the bottle.
  • When Piwo z Grodziska is properly poured, it is clear and bubbles like champagne. Feast your eyes, savour the aroma and start to enjoy!