How is beer from Grodzisk made?

Original style,
Original ingredients

Grodziskie is the only beer style that originated in Poland. It is the country’s contribution to the history and development of the art of brewing all over the world.

In line with tradition, the original Grodzisk beer is brewed only in one location, in the town of Grodzisk Wielkopolski. It is produced according to a local recipe using local sources of water, Grodzisk yeast and wheat malt smoked with oak wood.

It is referred to as “the Polish champagne among beers” due to its high content of natural carbon dioxide, re-fermentation in the bottle, its bubbly disposition and unique flavour.

Water from Grodzisk – for centuries the unique flavour of the local beer has been attributed to the spring water it is made from. The mineral composition of the Grodzisk water ideally accentuates the bitterness of the beer and contributes to its full flavour.

Grodzisk yeast – a secret ingredient, for years preserved by old brewers for the day when the Grodzisk style was restored. It is a special strain of top-fermenting yeast used exclusively in the fermentation of Grodzisk beer. The yeast used to ferment our beer is the “great-grandchild” of the yeast employed for centuries to brew this exceptional beer.

Smoked wheat malt – the malt undergoes special treatment, suspended in mash and slowly smoked with oak wood. This artisan and time-consuming drying method adds a noble and smoky note to our malt.

Polish hops – aromatic hops from the Lublin area are an ideal combination with smoked malt; they evoke the best memories of the beer from Grodzisk Wielkopolski.