Grodziskie Modern Grodziskie

A contemporary interpretation of Grodziskie Beer

  • 3,1 % obj.

  • 0.5 litra

  • 4-6 °C

  • Ekstr. 7,7% wag.

  • Glass

Can a style with 700 years of tradition be “modern”? At Browar Grodzisk, we are constantly looking for beer challenges, that’s why we say yes! Modern Grodziskie is a contemporary interpretation of Grodzisz, which we brewed with new-wave, citrusy hop varieties from Polish experimental crops. We combine tradition and the achievements of the beer revolution!

Light beer, top-fermenting. Pasteurized. Turbidity and sediment are a natural feature of the product. Ingredients: water from Grodzisk Wlkp., wheat malt, hops (Polish New Wave varieties and hops of bitter varieties), “Grodziskie” yeast.

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