Dear Grodzisk residents, guests and supporters of Piwo Grodziskie!

We are already inviting you to next year's Grodziskie Piwobranie 2023. In the year of the 720th anniversary of Grodzisk Wielkopolski, the culmination of the week-long Beer Festival events will take place on June 16-17. But from Tuesday, June 13, every day on the chamber stage in the City Park we will invite the residents of our city to interesting concerts, preparing them for the final days of the event, full of attractions. In the City Park, in addition to the main stage, there will be catering, commercial and promotional stands as well as several stands of regional breweries from Poland and abroad. Beer harvesting will also be accompanied by: the Grodzisk Brewery Exchange, the Home Brewers Competition, a tour of the Grodzisk brewery and numerous recreational and sports events. The final days of the Grodzisk Piwobranie will be inaugurated with a traditional, colorful medieval jacinada, which will pass through the city streets on Friday, June 16. That evening, the first concert on the main stage, during which the rapper YOUNG IGI, specially selected by the youth, will perform. On Saturday, in the afternoon and evening, other performers will perform on the main stage, among which the star of the evening will be the ENEJ band. We invite you to the 720th year of Grodzisk Wielkopolski for Grodziskie Piwobranie 2023! A detailed program of the event will be available soon. Things are going to happen!

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