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Grodzisk Wielkopolski is a special place on the map of world brewing: it is the birthplace of Grodzisk beer, a style unique on a global scale. In its heyday, Grodzisk Wielkopolski, known as the capital of Polish brewing, was a town with ten operating breweries.

The brewery on Poznańska Street, established in 1880, became the ‘heir’ to the centuries-old brewing tradition of Grodzisk Wielkopolski. After more than a century of turbulent history, the last bottle of the legendary Grodzisk beer was sold from this last operating brewery in 1993.

For years, the brewery stood abandoned and fell into disrepair. It seemed that its glory days were gone forever.

However, after more than 20 years, the brewery on Poznańska Street had new owners: beer enthusiasts and experienced entrepreneurs with an initiative to reactivate the legend at its source.

We hope that the effort put into rebuilding Grodzisk Wielkopolski Brewery on Poznańska Street and restoring the flavour of this legendary beer will be appreciated by enthusiasts of the style and those who have not yet had an opportunity to taste the original Grodzisk Beer.


Serving and tasting Grodzisk beer is a real ritual and a prerequisite for full satisfaction with the flavour qualities of this legendary style. Ideally served Grodzisk beer should be clear, bubbly like champagne, topped with a high cap of head.

1. Cool your beer vertically to the temperature indicated on the label (3-5°C for Piwo z Grodziska). Ideally, you should leave the beer in the fridge for longer so that the natural yeast sediment calms down.

2. Choose the right glass - preferably the distinctive Grodzisk stemmed cup - and rinse it with cold water.

3. Due to the natural strong saturation of the beer, open the bottle gently and pour the beverage slowly into a tilted cup to ¾ of its capacity, allowing the characteristic white head to rise. Leave the lees in the bottle.

4. Properly poured Piwo z Grodziska should be clear and bubbly like champagne - feast your eyes, savour the aroma and proceed to taste it!




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