Grodziskie Piwo Grodziskie

Original Piwo Grodziskie

  • alk. 3,1% obj.

  • 0.5 litra

  • 3-5 °C

  • 4/10

  • Ekstr. 7,7% wag.

  • Szkło

Original Grodzisk beer, referred to as the ‘champagne among beers’ for its exceptional flavour and high quality.

Brewed according to a traditional Grodzisk recipe using Grodzisk water, Grodzisk yeast and 100% oak smoke-dried wheat malt and Tomyski hops, revived after years.

  • light, smoked wheat beer
  • noble, distinctive smoky-hoppy flavour and aroma
  • pronounced, pleasant bitterness
  • exceptional light, straw-golden colour
  • great thirst quencher, any time of day
  • refreshing yet rich in flavour
  • ideal with a meal
  • re-fermented in the bottle
  • highly saturated with natural carbon dioxide, with yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle, unpasteurised

Beer from Grodzisk was traditionally served in specially created tall goblets. Pouring Grodzisk beer properly is an art that shows a seasoned beer drinker.

Pale, top-fermenting beer. Settled by re-fermentation in the bottle. Contains yeast lees. Ingredients: water from Grodzisk Wlkp., oak-smoked wheat malt, hops: Magnum, Tomyski, ‘Grodzisk’ yeast.

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